Chris Peters songwriter, performer, instrumentalist and producer has enjoyed success in recent years in the UK Songwriting Contest with finals and numerous semi-final placements to his credit.

The accompanying demo recordings of his own songs, and some co-written with vocalists he regularly works with, cover a variety of sounds from simple singer/songwriter-style guitar or piano with lead vocal, to full productions with string and brass arrangements and backing vocals. These recordings cover a range of popular music styles including Acoustic, Soul/Jazz/RnB, Pop and Dance.

Chris’ Anglo-Carribean heritage and up-bringing meant he was exposed to calypso, soul, jazz, Latin, and gospel music from an early age, which has very much influenced his production style and continues to flavour his writing today.

Although most of his time is spent in his studio not only writing and producing his own material, but also recording demos for other musicians, he is also an accomplished drummer and percussionist who plays and ‘deps’ for many working bands along the M11 corridor, regularly gigging in the Cambridge area and London.